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One of our core values at Aimée Nicole Bridal is to ensure that every woman feels beautiful and loved no matter their shape or size.

OUR Story

Hi! I'm Aimée Nicole and I created this brand with you in mind. Our vision is to create beautiful size inclusive bridal gowns that promote body positivity.

Too many times the fashion industry makes women feel like they need to fit a certain mold, be a certain size, or look a certain way.

Being what the fashion industry would call “plus size,” I have felt this way for years. I stopped shopping in stores and would only purchase clothes online because I hated going into fitting rooms to try on their largest size only to leave the store in tears.

Aimée Nicole Bridal is so much more than just shopping for a wedding dress. We believe that women of all shapes and sizes deserve to be beautiful, live with authenticity, have respect, and most of all feel LOVED.

Our size chart is very unique, just like you. We have no numbers or size labeling at all. All of our sizes are based on positive words that describe the beautiful attributes of a woman.

Our gowns are made in Los Angeles, CA with the highest quality materials. I personally look over every gown that we make to ensure it upholds our internal standard of excellence before shipping it to you.

My prayer is that you find peace, joy, love, and comfort as you find the perfect dress for your wedding day.


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